Services & Amenities


Every residence hall room and apartment is hard-wired for high-speed Internet access. There is one ethernet port available per resident in the space, i.e., in an apartment there will be 4-5 ports available. When moving into a space, residents must connect their computer to the ethernet jack and register it with ResNet (Rutgers Residential Network). Only one computer may registered to an IP address at a time.

Residents must provide their own ethernet cables to connect devices to the Internet port.

In addition to wired Internet access, all common areas and lounges have wireless Internet access and most rooms also have wireless internet. Residents without wireless access are permitted to bring their own wireless router. Check to see if your residence hall has wireless access.


Every residence hall room comes wired for cable television, provided by the RU-tv Network. RU-tv carries local channels, popular cable channels, and Rutgers specific programming such as lectures, exam prep, and library resources, and traffic cams. RU-tv also carries some channels in HD.

Residents must provide their own coaxial cable to connect their televisions to the outlet.

For more information including channel line-ups visit RU-tv.


Mail and Delivery Services provides every resident with a campus mailing address and mailbox. The mailboxes are located on each campus and residents are assigned boxes based on their housing assignment. Rutgers also offers an opt-in service that notifies students via e-mail or text when a package has arrived to their mailbox. Obtain your mailbox number through Directory Services.

Residence Hall Card Access

The RUconnection ID Card is used by resident students to gain access to their residence halls. Every hall has a card swipe reader installed at the entrance, and as a security measure only residents of a hall may swipe to enter.

Damaged or lost cards may be replaced at any Student Service Office. There is no charge to replace a damaged card, but lost card incur a $20 fee, billable to the student's account.


Rutgers does not provide land line telephone service in student residences. Students can contact an outside service provider if they are interested in land line telephone service. In every residence hall, Resident Assistants or Apartment Assistants will provide a cell phone to any student to make a call during an emergency, if the student does not have a phone.