A scenic, wooded campus bordering downtown New Brunswick, Cook/Douglass Campus offers a relaxing atmosphere and traditional college feel.

Cook/Douglass Campus provides its residents access to a mix of natural settings, high-tech research facilities, and the Rutgers fine and performing arts scene. The campus shares a single dining hall and recreational facility, but has two student centers for picking up coffee or snacks and meeting friends. Mabel Smith Douglass Library offers quiet places to study as well as a multimedia computer lab.

Select residences on Cook/Douglass Campus borrow from the heritage of Douglass College, an institution founded to provide higher education for the women of New Jersey. In addition to co-ed housing options, women have several special living options on this campus.

Douglass Residential College prepares undergraduate women for success in an increasingly diverse, competitive, and global public market. Upper class female students majoring in math, science, or engineering may apply to live in Woodbury Bunting-Cobb Hall, which provides a supportive environment to students in these majors. The Global Village community is for women who are seeking self-development and achievement in foreign language proficiency, intercultural appreciation, global awareness, leadership development, and local or global advocacy and activism.

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