Sojourner Truth Apartments

At the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street, are the Sojourner Truth Apartments. This 14-story, u-shaped building is the newest residence building on the College Avenue Campus and includes 135 single bedroom apartments (up to four bedrooms per unit). It is also home to The Yard, a communal area with green space, restaurants, and retailers.  The Sojourner Truth Apartments are named for abolitionist and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth, a former slave who was owned as a young girl by the family of Rutgers’ first president Jacob Hardenbergh. 


Type: Apartment
Number of Students: 442
Number of Floors: 13 residential floors
Average Room Size: Varies
Availability: Continuing students
Contract Type: Undergraduate Academic Year (9 month – Two Semesters)


40 College Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1175