Hegeman Hall


Hegeman is a traditional residence hall built in 1922. Hegeman was Rutgers first female residence hall when Rutgers College became co-educational. It is located near 12 other residence halls on College Ave, making one feel connected with their community. Hegeman is one of the halls considered a part of the "College Ave Quads."

Type: Traditional Residence Hall
Number of Students: 110
Number of Floors: 3
Average Room Size: Varies
Availability: Continuing students
Contract Type: Undergraduate Academic Year (Two Semesters)
What's Nearby? Centrally located on College Avenue Campus, placing it adjacent to University services including College Avenue Gym, Alexander Library, Brower Commons Dining Hall, Rutgers Student Center, Health Services, and academic buildings. A few shorts blocks to downtown New Brunswick and Easton Avenue.


600 George Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1175


Features and Amenities

Hegeman surrounds a landscaped courtyard and is situated in the heart of College Ave.

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