Signage Process

For Sign Inserts, the instructions are as follows:

1. To order University Signage, please fill out the University Signage Work Request Form. The cost for each type of sign is identified and the total cost of your order will be calculated for you on this form.

2. Upon receipt of the University Signage Work Request Form, a Service Call Center Staff Member will email you the University Facilities Work Request Number required for the RIAS Special Item Information questionnaire screen.

3. Once you have received the Work Request Number for your sign request, you are now ready to issue your RIAS IPO to University Facilities. Your order will be processed upon receipt of your RIAS IPO. Our Sign Shop Item Number is #960. This office is part of the Operations & Services division. Your RIAS IPO must be created in the amount shown on your University Signage Work Request Form.

Operations & Services- #960

Work Request Number The Service Call Will Email You This Number
Facilities Contact Name (848) 445 - 2617
Facilities Contact Phone Number The Building Name
Building Name Where Work Will Occur The Building Name
Building Number Where Work Will Occur The Building Number
Project Name List the Signage Title Name Here
Project Description Briefly Describe the Project
Requestor's Name List Projects' Contact Name
Requestor's Phone Number List Projects' Phone Number
Requestor's Department Name List Your Department Name
Requestor's Email Address List Projects' Email Address
Charge Account (Include Natural Account #) List Your Departments Account and Natural Account Number

4. Once we have received your RIAS IPO, your signage order will be processed and then installed by the University Facilities Sign Shop.

5. If you have questions, please contact the Service Call Center, at 848-445-1234.

6. If you require exterior signage coordination, contact Deborah Rubinsky, Architectural Support Specialist at or 973-972-2628 for additional information.