Stormwater & Landscape Master Plan

The Stormwater & Landscape Management Master Plan for Rutgers University’s Busch and Livingston Campuses addresses stormwater management, landscape change and sustainable development while still meeting Rutgers’ mission to teach, research, and provide public services within the region. Key elements to take away from this plan are the planning principles for more sustainable design and development on the campuses. It is also intended to be flexible in terms of identifying techniques and practices that can be applied throughout various Rutgers University settings, while still being specific enough to reflect the unique ecological characteristics and opportunities on the Busch and Livingston Campuses.

Stormwater & Landscape Management Master Plan


Executive Summary

I. Introduction and Vision

II. Plan Development and Approach

III. Master Plan:

Landscape Ecology
Circulation & Connectivity
Design Precincts

IV. Recommended Approaches:

Campus Watershed & Stormwater Management Strategy
Stormwater Management
Best Management Practices
Opportunities by Landscape Position
Landscape Ecological Recommendations

Habitat Enhancement & Restoration
Three native Habitat Analogs

Circulation and Connectivity

Gateway Recommendations
Pedestrian Circulation Recommendations
Bicycle Route Recommendations

V. Implementation:

Busch Campus

Policy & Research
Circulation & Connectivity

Livingston Campus

Policy & Research
Circulation & Connectivity

VI. References

VII. Glossary


A. Design Guidelines
B. Plant List
C. Observations: Landscape Setting/ Ecological & Stormwater Management Inventories
D. Future Conditions: Stormwater Modeling