Rutgers Recycles!

To the University Community,

In addition to being an extraordinary institution of higher education, Rutgers has the distinction of being one of the nation’s leaders in recycling.

The Rutgers Recycling Program is administered by University Facilities, with active participation from both the Housing and Dining Services units. In addition to the traditional recyclable materials such as newsprint, cardboard, glass and plastic, we also manage the collection and recycling the following materials:

  1. Computer paper recycled directly with vendors
  2. Scrap metal or vehicles sold to scrap dealers.
  3. Outdated books for periodicals that are reused or whose material components are reprocessed for a second use.
  4. Used motor oil sent to a vendor for reprocessing.
  5. University furniture that is sold to a vendor for renewal.
  6. Any other recycled materials unique to your department.

Each year, University Facilities participates in the RecycleMania competition, which is a friendly competition among college and university recycling programs in the United States that provides campus communities with a fun, proactive activity in waste reduction. Over a ten week period, campuses compete in different contests to see which institution can collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita or have the highest recycling rate. The competition begins at the start of each Spring semester.

If any department or unit under your purview is involved with any type of recycling effort outside the Rutgers Recycling Program, we would like to capture your data so that we can report the type and amount of material that was recycled during the calendar year. Please enter your data on the Recycling Data Form. Please submit your data to us no later than February 28 of each year, so that we can include your information in our recycling totals.

Antonio Calcado

Executive Vice President & COO
University Facilities & Capital Planning