Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance (PM) is a tool for monitoring and scheduling recurring maintenance activities for building systems and equipment. It is designed to increase the manager's capability to identify and document critical recurring maintenance tasks for the purpose of resource planning and scheduling. The expectation of a PM program is to prolong the life cycle of the university’s physical assets.

Facilities Maintenance Services conducts a comprehensive, university-wide program to identify and carry out long-term maintenance and repair tasks to campus buildings. Additionally, Inspectors conduct periodic detailed inspections to evaluate building conditions and identify necessary corrective work.

In order to accomplish this task in an efficient and systematic way, all recordable data is entered into the Facilities Maintenance Services Computerize Maintenance Management System (AiM). This web based software is the backbone of our PM program. The AIM system identifies inspection frequencies, equipment replacement requirements (such as belts, coils, etc), and evaluation procedures for all inventoried equipment. Required inspections of elevators, boilers, and fire-protection systems are performed in accordance with applicable codes and regulations. Building interiors are also catalogued. Offices and classrooms throughout the university are painted on a periodic scheduled basis and exterior painting is done frequently enough to avoid deterioration of facilities.