Grounds Operations

The primary function of grounds services at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is to maintain an aesthetically pleasing and clean grounds environment on all campuses to honor the mission of the university. Each geographic area presents unique grounds maintenance challenges that range from urban land and hardscape areas to rural landscapes.

Mowing Operations

General Mowing  Weekly
 Line Trimming Weekly 
 Removal of Clippings N/A 

Edging Operations

Sidewalks & Curbs Monthly
Shrub & Flower Bed Yearly 
Tree Rings Yearly 

Weeding and Cultivating

Manual Weeding Monthly
Shrub Bed and Tree Rings Cultivating, Exposed Soil Yearly 
Shrub Bed and Tree Rings Cultivating, Mulched Areas Yearly 

Fertilization and Chemicals

Turf Fertilization Twice Yearly
Turf Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control As Needed
Turf Post-emergent Crabgrass Control As Identified 
Broadleaf Herbicide As Identified
Turf Spot Weed Control As Identified
Inspection of Turf for Insects and Diseases Weekly
Shrub Bed and Tree Ring Pre-emergent Weed Control As Needed
Tree, Shrub and Groundcover Fertilization As Needed 
Annual Flower and Perennial Flower Fertilization  As Needed
Inspection of Plans for Insects and Diseases Weekly


Shade Trees Yearly
Evergreen Trees Yearly
Ornamental Trees Yearly 
Deciduous Shrubs Yearly
Evergreen Shrubs Yearly
Woody Groundcover Yearly
Rejuvenation Pruning As Identified
Renovation Pruning As Identified 

Cleaning Procedures

Police for Debris Daily
Spring and Fall Cleanup Twice Yearly
Walks and Curbs Daily

Turf Maintenance and Renovation

Dethatching Yearly / As Needed
Core Aeration Yearly / As Needed
Topdressing and Over-seeding Yearly / As Needed 
Slit Seeding Yearly / As Needed
Watering Establishing Turf Areas As Needed
Watering New Sod Areas As Needed
Newly Seeded Lawns As Needed
Soil Testing Every Third Year 
Maintenance and Inspection of "NO Mow Zones" Twice Yearly

Trees, Plants & Flowers

Watering of Tress, Shrubs and Groundcover As Needed
Watering of Annual and Perennial Flowers As Needed
Soil Testing Every Third Year 
Flower and Perennial Flowers Daily
Site Inspection with Report Monthly

Storm Water Managemenrt

Sweeping of Parking Lots and Roadways Monthly
Inspection and Cleaning of Catch Basins Yearly