Operations Financial Center

The Budget and Finance Office (BFO) is a key unit within University Facilities and Capital Planning tasked with providing a wide range of essential business services, including cost accounting, budgeting, billing, payroll, energy procurement, commodities procurement, financial reporting and financial governance. BFO also manages the Faculty/Staff housing program, retail operations and warehouse logistics services, providing general operational supplies, including vehicle gasoline and diesel fuel.

BFO provides direct accounting and financial services to all University Facilities and Capital Planning organizational units. Accounting and budget administration support involving Operations and Maintenance (O&M) funds and utility budgeting. Financial resource budget and cost allocation services is also provided to Student and Recreation Centers, one High Tech Center, RBHS, CABM, University Behavioral Health Center, Housing and retail services.

Mission Statement

We will be supportive and responsive to all organizational elements within University Facilities and Capital Planning and the larger university community. We will adopt a proactive approach toward improving all of the services we offer.


To be the valued resource on finance and budget matters.

Commitment: BFO will ensure meaningful policies and procedures are in place to process accounting data and other financial information correctly and in a timely fashion. BFO is committed to safeguarding university resources (financial, business information and physical assets) entrusted to our care. We will fulfill our obligations and responsibilities with our university constituencies when conducting business transactions. Supervisors will continually evaluate the work environment and initiate policies and programs to vigorously promote employee safety, improve productivity and seek out opportunities for employee development/advancement.

Strategy: As roles and responsibilities of the University Facilities and Capital Planning Department change over time, so must the practices of BFO to meet new and emerging requirements. We will remain dedicated to channeling resources into areas where a growing demand for our services exists. To this end, we will invest in our people, upgrade equipment and improve our surroundings to achieve success.

Summary: Reliable customer service is important and, at times, critical to the university operations. We will be receptive to new approaches and methods that improve service delivery. BFO is dedicated to ensuring University Facilities and Capital Planning meets its strategic goals and mission. Delivery of quality services can only be accomplished by developing a highly trained, motivated staff. The BFO management team will always maintain and promote a supportive work environment.