University Design Standards

The University's DESIGN STANDARDS manual was prepared for architectural and engineering consultants, contractors, and university staff involved in the design, new construction, and the renovation of university facilities, systems, and properties. The DESIGN STANDARDS provide both general guidelines and specific requirements for design and specification of materials, systems, and components of facilities. Prior to construction, all designs for repair, renovation, alteration, and new construction are reviewed by the professional staff of the Office of University Planning and Development’s Design Department, then reviewed and signed by the University Architect. In addition, a number of State of New Jersey and Rutgers agencies are responsible for review and approval of various elements of planning for all University projects. Modifications to University buildings are not authorized without the review and approval of the University Architect.

Design Standards Manual


Part I
General Administrative Procedures

Part II
Bidding Documents

Part III
Table of Contents for Technical Requirements of Materials & Methods of Construction

Technical Requirements of Materials & Methods Divisions

Part IV

Graphic Details
SK-1: Standard Construction Sign

SK-2: Concrete Curb & Granite Block Curb
SK-3A: Bicycle Rack Pad & Cora W7510 Installation
SK-3B: Installation Guide Cora Expo “W” Series
SK-4: Single Stem Deciduous Tree 1 ½” to 2 ½” Caliper
SK-5: Conifer Planting Detail
SK-6: Multi-Stemmed Deciduous Tree Planning Detail
SK-7: Shrub Planting Details
SK-8: Building Edge Detail
SK-9: Ground Cover Spacing Detail
SK-10: Sanitary Manhole Detail
SK-11A: Standard Exterior Lighting 12” Fixture Foundation
SK-11B: Standard Exterior Lighting 25” Fixture Foundation
SK-12: Vehicle Traffic Area Light Pole Footing
SK-13: Concrete Pad for Multiple Dumpsters
SK-14: Fire Safety Plan
SK-15: Cover Sheet - REMOVED, Superseded by CAD Standards
SK-16: Elevator Wall Casing
SK-17: Conduit Feeds From Telco Underground
SK-18: Conduit Feed From Pole
SK-19: Typical Manhole (Electrical)
SK-20: Manhole Frames, Covers & Ladders
SK-21: Racking Detail
SK-22: Riser Entrance and Pullbox Size
SK-23: Splayed Duct Entrance Manhole
SK-24: Rutgers Standard Title Block - REMOVED, Superseded by CAD Standards
SK-26: Concrete Sidewalk Scoring Plan
SK-27: Concrete Sidewalk Detail & Joining Detail
SK-28 Roof Components Chart
SK-29: Standard Removable Bollard

SK-30: Tree Protection Detail
SK-31: Accessible Curb Concrete
SK-32: Accessible Concrete Curb Abutting Granite Block
SK-33: Brick Pavement on Rigid Base
SK-34: Stone Dust Pavement
SK-35: Bluestone Pavement
SK-36: Stabilized Lawn Pavement
SK-37: Type A: Medium Light Duty Asphalt Pavement
SK-38: Type B: Medium to Heavy Duty Asphalt Pavement
SK-39: Type C: Medium Heavy Duty Asphalt Pavement
SK-40: Electrical Conduit Bldg Penetration - New
SK-41: Communications/Service Duct Bank Compaction & Tracer Wire Installation - New
SK-42: HTHW Compaction & Tracer Wire Installation - New
SK-43: Marker Ball Installation - New
SK-44: Storm/sanitary Sewer Compaction & Tracer Wire Installation - New
SK-45: Tracer Wire Test Station - New
SK-46: ~ Water Line Installation - New
SK-40 ~ 45 CAD Drawing - New

Part V
Sample Specifications
Sample 01028 – Schedule of Values
Sample 01400 – Quality Control
Sample 02071 – ACRM Removal
Sample 02072 – ACRM Flashing Removal
Sample 07220 – Roofing Insulation
Sample Asbestos Affidavit
Sample Fire Safety

Exterior and Interior Signage Manual

Affirmative Action Form

Design Standards Receipt and Variation Request Form