Survey Standards

Design Considerations

All surveys must meet the University’s CAD standards for layer naming conventions and line weights. Please see the CAD standards section for more information.

Special Documentation Requirements

Surveys will be prepared by a licensed surveyor and will indicate, to the best knowledge of the surveyor, the surface features of the land, including contours in 1 foot intervals, tree’s and their drip lines, improvements and all subsurface improvements readily ascertained from the surface without excavation, and will include information available from the University and by municipal and public sources on underground utilities.

The surveys will be delivered as a signed and sealed hardcopy and in an Autodesk CAD version 2000 format and must be spatially registered to New Jersey state plane coordinates (SPC) projected in Transverse Mercator. The North American Datum of 1983 is required for mapping in the horizontal plane while the North American Vertical Datum (NAVD83) is required for the vertical plane. All data should be delivered in feet.

The accuracy of the data will be tested by comparing the positions of points whose locations or elevations are shown against positions as determined by surveys of a higher accuracy. The surveyor must assure and certify that these relative positional accuracies resulting from the measurements made on the survey do not exceed that which is allowable as per the A.C.S.M Standards. All data not meeting the accuracy requirement will be resubmitted to the consultant for correction at the consultant’s expense.